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Performance Assessment

Across, in its capacity as consultants serves as a resource to the company’s HR department in that it can formulate the best choice for the individual student and optimize company results in terms of language learning. It offers customized performance assessment services to companies interested in acquiring English proficiency evaluations of its associates.

As consultants, Across offers the following services:

  • Individual skills level Mapping, to establish a corporate linguistic profile.
  • Definition of desired linguistic profile and planning to achieve the target linguistic profile
  • Individual development language learning monitoring to substantiate linguistic results achieved from language training programs, thereby aiding in the assessment of the company’s return on investment.
  • Diagnoses and insightful assessments of candidates´ communications skills in the foreign language in selection processes required for the position in question

Across´s assessment process may include personal interviews as well as the following standardized tests:

  • ESA – English Skills AssessmentProfessional; electronic access
  • Placement Tests (Paper and Pen Tests)

Online Assessment

ESA – English Skills AssessmentProfessional – Users can request a log-in and password and Across will provide on-line access to ESA.

Across has developed its own ESA – English Skills AssessmentProfessional process to gauge the professional’s knowledge of English in the business world, taking the individuality of the Portuguese speaker into account. The linguistic content and results of the test enable a correlation of the materials used in language courses and results of most of the international standardized tests available such as TOEIC, TOEFL and Cambridge BEC.

HR Advisory

We offer corporate advisory services focused on the use of the foreign language as an international communications tool in the workplace.

Across can also assist companies in their efforts to:

  • Review language training policies
  • Authorize suppliers
  • Assess English performance including mapping the level and monitor individual progress

Provide support in the selection and recruitment process of candidates:

  • Assess spoken and written performance in the foreign language including a thorough diagnosis and reporting
  • Prepare customized written tests for companies to be used in areas such as in trainee programs.


In its role as consultant, Across prepares and presents reports describing results of oral interviews and written tests, encompassing:

  • Proficiency level
  • Communications skills
  • Student’s language profile (type of language user and individual learning style)
  • Report including recommendations for language training to enable the candidate to achieve the language profile desired by the company

Across, as part of its language development program, conducts written tests and measures progress on an individual basis every 36 class hours to gauge whether any adjustments and changes may be needed to the original program syllabus and prepares individual reports to provide feedback on student progress.


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