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Richard Andrew Booth is English and graduated in Business Administration and Literature from Saint Johnís College, Kingston and has earned international certification in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) awarded by Westminster University in teaching English. Prior to moving to Brazil in 1994, he worked for eight years at the treasury desk at a large banking institution in London.

Richard founded BTG Schools and is involved in teaching and assessment of English at companies for over 10 years.

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Translation Services

Trans*Script and MPS Translation Services provide translation services and offer highly qualified and experienced professionals.

  • We work only with native target language speakers and consult with specialists in the areas of interest to assure results that are faithful to the original text.
  • We have access to vast research resources, such a technical dictionaries and specialized reference works.
  • We are specialists in the following areas: accounting, human resources, medical and pharmaceutical, industrial, financial, legal, banking, advertising, travel, ecology, energy, information technology, culinary arts, culture and fashion, to name a few.
  • We are experienced in translating annual reports, financial statements, resumes, corporate policies, codes of conduct and ethics, corporate governance requirements (SOX), proposals for services, legal documents and corporate web sites.

For further information, please contact Diana L. S. Peters at (011) 3168 2842 / 9137 0582, or and Paula Stupello at 3758 2131 / 9486 6961 or

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